ID Verification

Reducing drop-off rates at a pivotal step in a web application.

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Spring Financial was experiencing user drop off rates when asked to provide verification documents.

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The Problem

In the application process for the two highest traffic products, (Personal Loan and Foundation Program) users are asked to provide ID, address, and income verification. We found that these points in the application process were resulting in the highest level of drop off. While we did offer users the ability to skip these steps, this meant that their application would not completed until they were uploaded. 

After doing some workshopping of the problem, it became clear that by not providing the users with a step breakdown of documents they would need to provide caused frustration. An example of this would be the user seeing they need their drivers license, getting up to retrieve it, but then still being asked to provide further documents after this step. 

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  • Truncate the user flow to simplify the document upload process

  • Reduce drop off rates at this point in the application 

  • Clearly show the users all documents they will need before asking them to provide them

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Original Mocks

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Updated Mocks

**Please note that currently only mobile mock-ups are available**

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